This is going to be the biggest election in generations. Voters have been turning out at the polls in record numbers across the country because they know there’s a lot at stake in this election.

This is history in the making – you don’t want to miss out.

Your vote is your voice, and if you don’t come out to the polls, you can’t speak out for your priorities for your city, county, state and country. Whatever those priorities are – whether it’s labor rights, immigration, women’s health and equality, LGBT rights, economic policies, education or something else that matters to you – the only way to make your voice heard is to VOTE!

The Time for Reliable Schedules is Now

Key Legislators, Labor Leaders Demand Reliable Schedules for State’s Most Vulnerable Workers

On Wednesday, May 18th at 11am, Senator Connie M. Leyva (D-Chino) was joined by hourly workers, labor leaders and legislators to advocate for a bill that will restore balance for millions of California workers affected by the rising prevalence of fast-changing work schedules.
SB 878—the Reliable Scheduling Act—will provide hourly workers in industries like retail and restaurants with one-week advance notice of their upcoming work schedule.  This bill will enable workers to better plan childcare, attend college or hold a second job, as well as know how much they will have to pay their bills.  These affected workers are disproportionately women, workers of color, immigrants and the young.

The rising prevalence on constantly changing computerized work schedules has disrupted the lives of millions of our nation’s most vulnerable hourly workers—a group that is disproportionately women, workers of color, immigrants and the young. SB 878, the Reliable Scheduling Act, will allow hourly workers in industries like retail and restaurants to plan childcare, attend college or hold a second job. The California Labor Federation and the United Food and Commercial Workers Western States Council are cosponsors of this important bill.

“An imbalance of power between workers and employers has long existed, but the increased ability of computers to constantly change schedules has tilted the playing in a whole new way,” said Jim Araby, executive director of the United Food and Commercial Workers Western States Council, which is part of the coalition attempting to pass SB 878. “Last month, California made national headlines and inspired workers around the country when we passed a law that will eventually raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. But when your employer has so much control you’re never really off the clock and can’t arrange reliable childcare, a higher wage doesn’t mean as much. It’s time to pass the reliable scheduling law.”

UFCW Partners with NLAC for Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive

UFCW has signed on as a national partner for the 24th annual Letter Carriers’ Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive, which will take place in 2016 on its traditional second Saturday in May: Saturday, May 14!

The partnership between UFCW and letter carriers is a natural one. Working families not only see their letter carrier at least six days a week, they often see their grocery clerk or checker just as frequently. This partnership is perhaps even more appropriate since UFCW represents workers in food-related industries, such as grocery stores and food-processing facilities.

The Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive is the largest one-day food drive in the United States. In 2015, active and retired letter carriers, along with their family members and friends—not to mention countless volunteers—collected almost 71 million pounds of non-perishable food. These results brought the grand total to more than 1.4 billion pounds since the drive began in 1992.

This Saturday DONATE by placing boxes or cans of non-perishable food in a bag next to your mailbox before your letter carrier delivers mail. The carrier will do the rest. The food is sorted, and delivered to a local food bank or pantry.

With 49 million people facing hunger every day in America, including nearly 16 million children, this drive is one way you can help those in your own city or town who need help.

Stand with Working Mothers for Reliable Scheduling

This Mother’s Day, stand with working women in California fighting for stability for their families!

Working people know how tough it can be to juggle work, school, family commitments, and everything else life throws our way.

But for folks who work in hourly jobs it’s even more difficult when job schedules are not posted in advance and bosses can change, add, or drop hours at the very last minute. This tends to happen a lot in retail, an industry where women hold over 60% of the jobs.  In California, nearly 1 in 3 mothers receive their work schedules one week or less in advance.

It is time to for Reliable Schedules. Our mothers deserve it!

Tell California Legislators California Mothers Deserve Reliable Schedules.
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