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Sponsored and Supported Cannabis Legislation 2017

Sponsored Legislation

AB 1700 – Cannabis Workers Protection Bill (Asm. Jim Cooper with Asm. Eloise Reyes and Sen. Bill Dodd as co-authors)

This Bill will require at least one employee working at a cannabis business to become Cal-OSHA certified. The purpose of the Bill is to educate and train at least one employee to have a basic understanding of workplace safety protections, including sexual harassment. The California Police Association is a strong supporter of AB 1700 and has earned bi-partisan support as well. The Cal-OSHA Certification class is available online for $179, providing 30-hours of accreditation.

Bill status: AB 1700

AB 1686 – Labor Peace Agreement Electronic Upload (Asm. Todd Gloria)

This would require all Labor Peace Agreements to be signed, notarized and submitted electronically to the CA Marijuana Control Agency by cannabis businesses who apply for a state license to operate. The purpose of this Bill is to enhance process efficiencies and transparency. The Drug Policy Alliance is a strong supporter of AB 1686.

Bill status: AB 1686


Supported Legislation

AB 1578 – Cannabis Sanctuary State (Asm. Jones-Sawyer with Asm. Bonta, Asm. Chiu, Asm. Wood, Asm. Eggman, Asm. Garcia, Sen. Wiener, and Sen. Skinner as coauthors)

This bill would prohibit a state or local agency from taking actions without a court order signed by a judge to assist a federal agency to investigate, detain, detect, report, or arrest a person for commercial or non-commercial marijuana or medical cannabis activity.

Bill status: AB 1578

AB 110/SB 94 – Governors Budget Trailer Bill on Cannabis

Codifies the Labor Peace Agreement and workplace protections in AUMA/Prop64 both in the budget and proposed regulations by the Brown Administration.

  • Allows for both cultivators and manufacturers to distribute their own product to consumers through a distribution license, providing an incentive for the producers of any size to operate in a fully regulated market and discourage diversion.  ‘Open Distribution’ – mirrors the retail food and distribution system as well as the California Craft Beer and Wine Industries to self-distribute to encourage local job growth and community development.                      

Bill status: AB 110/SB 94