Topics: NV Endorsements, Voting and Elections

2018 Nevada Labor Endorsements

The right to vote is a cornerstone of our country’s democracy. Ordinary men and women fought – and even died—to protect people’s right to vote without intimidation or obstruction.

Voting is the opportunity for citizens to hold their elected officials accountable for their actions.

The below listed labor-endorsed candidates’ promote advocacy for working families, commitment to good jobs, and support for workers’ rights.

Your Voice is Your Vote.

Nevada State AFL-CIO Statewide Endorsements

Governor Steve Sisolak
Lieutenant Governor Kate Marshall
Attorney General Aaron Ford
Secretary of State   Nelson Araujo
Treasurer Zach Conine


United States Senate

U.S. Senate Jacky Rosen


United States Congress

U.S. House CD 1 Dina Titus
U.S. House CD 2 Clint Koble
U.S. House CD 3 Susie Lee
U.S. House CD 4 Steven Horsford


State Senate

District 2 Mo Denis
District 8 Marilyn Dondero-Loop
District 9 Melanie Scheible
District 10 Yvanna Cancela
District 13 Julia Ratti
District 14 Wendy Boszak
District 16 Tina Davis Hersey
District 20 Julie Pazina
District 21 James Ohrenschall


State Assembly

Assembly District 1   Danielle Monroe-Moreno
Assembly District 2   Jennie Sherwood
Assembly District 3 Selena Torres
Assembly District 4 Connie Munk
Assembly District 5 Brittney Miller
Assembly District 6 William McCurdy II
Assembly District 7 Dina Neal
Assembly District 8 Jason Frierson
Assembly District 9 Steve Yeager
Assembly District 10 Chris Brooks
Assembly District 11 Olivia Diaz
Assembly District 12 Susan Martinez
Assembly District 13   Thomas Roberts
Assembly District 14 Maggie Carlton
Assembly District 16 Heidi Swank
Assembly District 17 Tyrone Thompson
Assembly District 18 Richard Carrillo
Assembly District 20 Ellen Spiegel
Assembly District 21 Ozzie Fumo
Assembly District 22 Kristee Watson
Assembly District 23 Glen Leavitt
Assembly District 24 Sarah Peters
Assembly District 25 Jill Tolles
Assembly District 26 June Joseph
Assembly District 27 Teresa Benitez-Thompson
Assembly District 28 Edgar Flores
Assembly District 29 Leslie Cohen
Assembly District 30 Mike Sprinkle
Assembly District 31 Richard “Skip” Daly
Assembly District 32 Paula Povilaitis
Assembly District 34 Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod
Assembly District 35 Michelle Gorelow
Assembly District 37 Shea Backus
Assembly District 41 Sandra Jauregui
Assembly District 42 Alexander Assefa


Clark County

Clark Co. Commission Dist. E     Clark Co. Commission Dist. F     Clark Co. Commission Dist. G
Richard “Tick” Segerblom Justin Jones Jim Gibson
Clark Co. Sheriff                              Clark Co. Assessor                                Clark Co. Recorder
Joe Lombardo Briana Johnson Debbie Conway
University Regent Dist. 1              Trustee, Clark Co. School Dist. D       Trustee, Clark Co. School Dist. G
Laura Perkins  Irene Cepeda Linda Cavazos


Tierra Jones District Court Judge Dept 10
Mark B. Bailus District Court Judge Dept 18
David M Jones District Court Judge Dept – 29
Victor Lee Miller Justice of the Peace – Boulder City Township
Gregory Cortese Justice of the Peace – Goodsprings Township
Sam Bateman Justice of the Peace – Henderson Dept 1


Elana Lee Graham – Justice of the Peace – Las Vegas Dept 1

Joseph S. Sciscento – Justice of the Peace – Las Vegas Dept 2

Cynthia Dustin Cruz – Justice of the Peace – Las Vegas Dept 5

Ann E. Zimmerman – Justice of the Peace – Las Vegas Dept 8

Melanie Andress Tobiasson – Justice of the Peace – Las Vegas Dept 10

Melisa De La Garza – Justice of the Peace – Las Vegas Dept 15

Kalani Hoo – Justice of the Peace – North Las Vegas Dept 1

Kenny Taylor – Constable, Henderson Township