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2018 California Endorsements

The right to vote is a cornerstone of our country’s democracy. Ordinary men and women fought – and even died—to protect people’s right to vote without intimidation or obstruction.

Voting is the opportunity for citizens to hold their elected officials accountable for their actions.

The below listed labor-endorsed candidates’ promote advocacy for working families, commitment to good jobs, and support for workers’ rights.

Your Voice is Your Vote.

California Statewide Endorsements

U.S Senate Kevin de León
Governor Gavin Newsom
Lt. Governor Ed Hernandez
Secretary of State Alex Padilla
Attorney General Xavier Becerra
State Controller Betty Yee
State Treasurer Fiona Ma
Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond
Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara


Proposition 1 Veterans and Affordable Housing Bond Act of 2018 Vote YES
Proposition 2 No Place Like Home Act of 2018 Vote YES
Proposition 3 Authorizes Bonds to Fund Projects for Water Supply, etc. Vote YES
Proposition 4 Authorizes Bonds Funding Construction at Children’s Hospitals No Recommendation
Proposition 5 Changes Requirements for Home Owners to Transfer Property Tax Vote NO
Proposition 6 Eliminates Road Repair and Transportation Funding Vote NO
Proposition 7 Daylight Savings Time No Recommendation
Proposition 8 Authorizes Regulation of Dialysis Clinics. Limits Charges Vote YES
Proposition 10 Expands Locals’ Authority to Enact Rent Control on Property Vote YES
Proposition 11 Requires Private Ambulance Workers to Remain On-Call During Breaks Vote NO
Proposition 12 Establishes New Standards for Confinement of Farm Animals No Recommendation

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