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Change Your Record, Change Your Life – UFCW Locals host LiveScan Clinics

In this country, mass incarceration has had a devastating impact on our members, their families, and our communities. The targeted criminalization of Americans has deeply exacerbated income inequality while limiting access to opportunity for those struggling to find employment with a criminal record.

UFCW believes in a criminal justice reform movement focused on the restoration of rights to formerly incarcerated individuals. We firmly believe the criminal justice system needs to offer people another chance to contribute to our society. We’ve partnered with AFL-CIO and #FreeAmerica campaign to raise awareness of the need to end mass incarceration.

With the passage of Prop 47, Californians have the opportunity to remove certain felonies from old criminal records, helping remove barriers to jobs, housing and education. UFCW Locals in California have partnered with community and other non-profit groups like Californians for Safety and Justice and Public Defenders Offices to provide an opportunity for restoration of rights.

On June 17th and July 15th, UFCW Locals 770 and 1428 (respectively, held 2 more LiveScan Clinics to assist those with certain nonviolent felonies to petition to be reduced to misdemeanors.

UFCW 1428 President, Mark Ramos, welcoming attendees to July 15th event.


UFCW 770 served over 100 attendees on June 7, 2017 event.