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Kaiser Permanente Performance Sharing Program

April 20, 2016  Update – PSP Bonuses Secured!
Congratulations! We showed what Union solidarity looks like. Because we raised our voices—50,000-strong in the Southern California region—each full-time Coalition union-represented employee will receive upwards to $900 in a special payment in lieu of the 2015 Performance Sharing Program (PSP) bonus.
This is a much better solution than the employer’s original offer of a special payment of $215 dollars per employee in lieu of the payout for the PSP—which we bargained in the National Agreement to recognize and reward the hard work that our frontline workers put into KP’s growth and reputation for excellent care and service.
In the next Friday paycheck, April 29, 2016, the employer will make a one-time payment of:
  • $900 for employees who work 1800 or more eligible hours in a year
  • $500 for employees who work 500 to 1,799 eligible hours
  • $250 for (per-diem) employees who work less than 500 eligible hours
You didn’t hesitate, through petitions, stickers, letters and calls, to send the message that you contributed to Kaiser’s 2015 successes. For almost 20 years, the members of the Coalition Unions and Local 770,  have stuck together to win industry-leading wages and benefits—as well as maintain the best workplace and the best care. Thank you for stepping up and speaking out, just like you do each day on behalf of Kaiser Permanente members and patients.

March 31, 2016  (PSP Bonus Update)

On March 28th, UFCW and the Coalition of affected unions met again with Kaiser regarding the PSP bonus issue. Kaiser’s latest offer to our members was $500. We rejected their offer and told them that their offer did not reward our members appropriately for their 2015 performance – while other non-represented members and some departments of management did receive their bonus for their their performance.

UFCW remains determined to achieve a FAIR performance payout for our union members. The idea behind the performance payout is simple. We work hard, our organization is remarkably successful, and we should all share fairly in that success.

We worked very hard every day of 2015, helping our region achieve:

• A whopping $564 million operating margin

• Even greater success in service and quality than in 2014

• All while we served more members than ever before.

We did our part, and now management has to do their part. It’s not complicated.

To win a fair performance payout, we need to keep sharing our message. We have developed an escalation plan to continue to put pressure on Kaiser to fairly compensate our members for the work they have done. We will be communicating the details of that plan shortly.

In the meantime, stay strong, stay united and spread this message broadly.

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Tell Kaiser, it’s time to recognize our contributions and give us 100% of our PSP bonus! Stop Corporate greed.

Tell Kaiser it’s Time to Do Their Part!
Kaiser management has said SoCal employees will not receive a Performance Sharing Program payout. Why? Management says the region missed a budget goal, yet Kaiser had a successful year. We’ve done our part. It’s time for Kaiser to do their part!

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