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Legislative Update

As the legislative session reaches its final lap in passing Bills and getting them on the Governor’s desk, UFCW State Council was able to push AB 1461 – Food Handler Requirement for Meal-Kit Facilities out of the Senate and is now waiting for the Governor to consider signing.
AB 1461 was jointly sponsored by the California Grocers Association, California Environmental Administrators Association and UFCW to reign in meal-kit delivery services circumventing worker safety and public health standards that grocery stores and restaurants already comply with.
Regarding our Cannabis Bills related to ensuring transparency and compliance with Cal-OSHA standards for all licensed operators, the Governor’s office continues to be very supportive and is planning to integrate some of the elements in their regulations for Cannabis.
Moreover, UFCW State Council in partnership with SEIU State Council and major institutional players in the Cannabis Industry cemented into the law through the Governor’s Budget Trailer Bill, the ability for cannabis operators to distribute their own products, deliver marijuana through a non-storefront dispensary, operators can co-locate on the same premises and employees of delivery services cannot be independent contractors.
Finally, UFCW joined a number of progressive groups to help spearhead legislation to protect immigrants (SB 54 and SB 6); protect workers and women (SB 491, AB 1209 and AB 450); sustain CEQA enforcement (AB 890), and mandate drug costs transparency for PHARMA manufacturers (SB 17). All of these legislative proposals are on the Governor’s desk waiting for his signature to become law.