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Los Angeles UFCW Member Pharmacist Appointed to California State Board of Pharmacy

Sacramento, CA – Today, the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Western States Council applauded the appointment of Jessica Crowley, RPh, to the California State Board of Pharmacy. The Board of Pharmacy is tasked with protecting and promoting the health and safety of Californians by pursuing the highest quality of pharmacist’s care and the appropriate use of pharmaceuticals through education, communication, licensing, legislation, regulation, and enforcement.

“I’m honored by this opportunity from Governor Gavin Newsom to strengthen the profession of pharmacy and pharmacists’ role in patient care by serving on the California Board of Pharmacy,” said Jessica Crowley, RPh. “As California’s population continues to diversify, pharmacists’ roles will continue to expand and they need the proper training and support to provide equitable care for all patients. Through this appointment, I hope to be a voice for the LGBTQ+, Latino and Spanish-speaking population, California’s Black population, and for the younger generation of pharmacists. The practice of Pharmacy provides a pathway for underprivileged and marginalized communities to obtain professional status, and I want to ensure all pharmacists have the cultural competency training needed to provide equitable and  quality health care in our diverse state.” 

In 2014, Dr. Crowley received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS). During her time at MCPHS, she received the Professor George Narinian Memorial Scholarship, the Student Achievement Award, the Alpha Collegiate Scholarship, and the Alpha Collegiate Leadership Award two years in a row. 

With over 12 years of pharmacy experience, Dr. Jessica Crowley has extensive experience in the profession working as a Pharmacist in Charge, Staff Pharmacist and Pharmacy Intern. She has devoted her career to advocating for safer working conditions for both pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in retail pharmacies while upholding the highest level of protection for the patients they serve. As a first generation, mixed Afro-Puerto Rican and White LGBTQ+ identifying individual, she took the initiative and leadership to develop continuing education curriculum on Cultural Competence and its Application in Pharmacy. She has also been a lead diversity and inclusion panelist at Lambda Kappa Sigma’s annual convention and MCPHS. 

“Throughout the many years I’ve known Jessie, she has been a tireless advocate for pharmacists, patients and all Californians, said Kathy Finn, Secretary-Treasurer, UFCW Local 770. “Her passion for and knowledge about how pharmacists, and especially young, diverse pharmacists, can contribute to community health will ensure patients are kept safe and are provided the highest quality care possible.” 

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May 19, 2022

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