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May Revised Budget Harms Working People

Sacramento, CA – The United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Western States Council today released the following statement from Executive Director Amber Parrish in response to Governor Newsom’s revised 2024-2025 California State Budget:

“The 180,000 UFCW members in California are disappointed Governor Gavin Newsom is attempting to balance our state’s budget on the backs of working people. At a time when people need support the most this budget proposes cuts to critical safety net programs workers often rely on to make ends meet in the high-cost state of California. California must do a better job of putting people first.

“Two years ago, our union was applauding the Governor for investing in the essential workers who power California’s economy and their families. Today we are mourning the loss of $13 million in ongoing funding for the University of California Labor Centers and their mission to keep workers safe on the job for years to come. These proposed cuts mean that the nine new Labor Centers will have to close and the UCLA and UC Berkeley Labor Centers will have to cut a significant portion of their budget. These are not cuts the programs can withstand and continue educating a diverse new generation of labor leaders.

“California is at its best when we invest in the social safety net, providing health care, housing and more to working Californians and programs like the COVID-19 Workplace Outreach Project. We’ve learned over the past couple of tumultuous years that investing in workers and their communities is the best response to economic uncertainty. Lifting up low-wage workers like UFCW’s members in critical public-facing roles, not pushing them down again, will help move families into the middle class and begin to undo decades of systemic inequality while providing more income tax dollars to the state. 

“Governor Gavin Newsom and the California Legislature need to do better to ensure working people can fight growing costs of living in California and thrive. We will continue working to ensure California’s budget gives our members what they need throughout the rest of the budget process this summer. And to ensure that we do not have years of future cuts like this, we are committed to defeating the corporate effort to rewrite our Constitution through the Taxpayer Deception Act.”

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May 17, 2024

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