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A Message This Labor Day

UFCW members know what labor day is about. Many of your friends and colleagues could be grilling and hanging out in the backyard with friends and family, or maybe working at one of the many union grocery or drug stores busy with last-minute shoppers searching for supplies for those parties.

We also must remember that Labor Day is more than just backyard barbecues, it is about honoring the work you do every day. As President Mickey Kasparian said in the following article in the San Diego Tribune: A robust workforce plays role in tech-driven world

“Although the first Monday in September is a legal holiday to honor American labor, many labor supporters and activists consider the true Labor Day to be May 1, a day chosen to honor workers killed on May 4, 1886, demonstrating for the eight-hour work day.

Today, the struggles are different, but the goals are quite the same. As industry and commerce evolve, so must the protections we afford the people who work to make it happen.”

Just like Mickey said, the struggles are different, but the goals are the same.

See in the video below how your union is fighting for all working people by standing together in Sacramento.

We have much to celebrate this Labor Day, and as a union member, much to be proud of and more to fight for. So take a moment and enjoy this day and remember America is great because working people make it so.

Happy Labor Day from all of us at the UFCW Western States Council