UFCW members speak out against the unsafe working conditions pharmacy workers face.

UFCW stands together with retail pharmacists and technicians to improve the working conditions
in pharmacies. On October 2, 2017, UFCW Local 770 members shared their testimony during a CA State hearing about the numerous health and safety issues the pharmacy workers face.

Over the last few years, retail pharmacists have taken additional roles aside from dispensing medications but do not have adequate support to meet health regulations and ensure patient safety. Retail pharmacists are now expected to provide health care services including administering immunizations, prescribing birth control, and managing administrative duties. While these new roles were intended to expand health care access to underserved communities, pharmacists are not provided with the adequate support they need. Often pharmacists are working longer shifts but have little to no support staff leaving them alone to attend to both patients and administrative duties. These working conditions are unacceptable and risk patients’ and pharmacists’ health and safety.

UFCW stands together with pharmacy workers to make pharmacies a safer place to work.