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April 13, 2016                                                                                     916.444.7170


United Food and Commercial Workers Praise Attorney General Harris for Upholding Law

Oakland, CA — United Food and Commercial Workers (UCFW) Western States Council released the following statement from Kelly Martinez, Communications Coordinator with UFCW as anti-choice groups increased their attacks on California Attorney General Kamala Harris for enforcing state law and investigating potentially criminal acts by anti-choice agitator David Daleiden:

“As California’s Attorney General, Kamala Harris has proudly and firmly stood beside working families, women, students, and crime victims to peruse justice.   Now, as she is the target of unfair attacks, California’s working families stand with Kamala Harris.

“Attorney General Kamala Harris is doing her job as our state’s top law enforcement official and following the law to ensure those who break the law in their efforts to take away women’s reproductive freedom are brought to justice.

“The hypocrisy from anti-choice groups who are protesting this investigation is astounding. On the one hand, they criticize an elected official for enforcing the law and conducting a professional investigation, while simultaneously using their own deceptive videos to push for taxpayer funded smear campaigns against Planned Parenthood despite no evidence of wrongdoing.

“The attacks on Harris today are part of a national smear campaign to target anyone who stands up for the rights of women and working families. Attorney General Harris reflects the values of California and we support her and thank her for her leadership.”

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