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Protecting Consumer Safety

UFCW, leading the way in the food industry by trying to protect consumers. Assembly Bill 1461, would require any employee working inside a food fulfillment delivery enterprise, such as Blue Apron, to obtain a food handler card. The purpose of this bill is to protect consumers from food-borne illnesses and provide, at minimum, some training on how to report cases of workplace violations. There is a collective bargaining exemption in AB 1461 – Food Handler Requirement for Food Fulfillment Centers. Our Bill is also co-sponsored by the California Grocers Association and they were very helpful in the committee proceedings. 

Thank you to Assembly member Tony Thurmond, who had the foresight to bring this bill forward. Mr. Thurmond did this because he not only wanted to protect consumers, but also ensure that businesses in his district have the same interest of protecting consumers.

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