Topics: A Safe Food System, Legislative

Sponsored and Supported Food System Legislation


AB 1461 (Asm. Tony Thurmond) – This Bill will require all employees working inside a food fulfillment facility involved in the preparation and storage of raw foods that sells directly to consumers, such as Blue Apron, to obtain a food handler card. The purpose of this Bill is to protect consumers from food-borne illnesses and provide, at minimum, some training on how to report cases of workplace violations.

The California Grocers Association is a co-sponsor of AB 1461 with UFCW Western States Council.

Bill Status: AB 1461

SB 675 (Sen. Nancy Skinner) – This Bill will require the electronic benefit transfer system to limit the purchases of food through an online transaction only to retailers who provide reasonable access to return or exchange food groceries within 4 hours of receipt of the food grocery delivery. The purpose of this Bill is to ensure that Cal-Fresh consumers are actually receiving their food online orders from bricks and mortars grocery stores, and are able to return bad/rotten foods to those same grocery stores.

SB 675 is co-sponsored by the Western Center of Poverty and Law, California Grocers Association, and UFCW Western States Council.

Bill Status: SB 675