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UCAN Workshops Help UFCW Members on Path to Citizenship

In the face of inaction on comprehensive immigration reform by Congress, the UFCW launched the Union Citizenship Action Network (UCAN) program to be a resource for workers looking to apply for citizenship. UCAN helps provide the proper documents, legal counsel, and other assistance necessary to get the process started. The program also positions the UFCW to be able to help many more workers once comprehensive immigration reform becomes law.

UFCW Locals across the country have hosted workshops and trainings.
Many UFCW members are eligible to become U.S. citizens or qualify for deferred action. Through the UFCW Union Citizenship Action Network (UCAN), the UFCW will be with you from start to finish throughout the entire application process for citizenship or deferred action.
Many UFCW Locals and United Latino members have helped coordinate workshops across the country.


One example, UFCW 770 has held multiple workshops for UFCW members focused on legal services, the process to become a citizen, and other immigration and citizenshipissues. Dozens of members attended the workshop and received assistance filling out their naturalization applications. This effort will help start them on the path to becoming U.S. citizens.