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UFCW 770 President Announces Retirement

Retirement Letter from President Ricardo F. Icaza

UFCW Western States Council Executive Director Jim Araby Statement on the Upcoming Retirement of UFCW 770 President Rick Icaza

“Thank you for the decades of service and leadership to the labor movement and UFCW members. I have admired the work you have done leading a part of the revitalization of the California labor movement and pushing the LA labor movement to the forefront of change.
Also, I want to thank you for your support of the States Council’s work. I really appreciate it and was honored by the complimentary words you bestowed upon me and my staff when I came down to one of your staff meetings last year. Having recently visited the Ricardo F. Icaza Workers’ Center, it has made me appreciate, even more, the lasting legacy you have stamped on the labor movement.”
Congratulations Rick!

View President Icaza’s Retirement Letter