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UFCW Members Applaud Victorious Year for Pro-Worker Legislation

64 Legislators Awarded with 100% Scores After Evaluation on Issues Important to UFCW Members

Sacramento, CA – Today, as lawmakers prepare for policy committee hearings, the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW), Western States Council released its 2023 California Legislative Scorecard, which evaluates how California legislators voted on issues important to UFCW members in the past legislative year. Bills that protect workers from the harmful effects of mergers and acquisitions, keep patients safe when they use community pharmacies and advance workplace safety protections for workers on the job were among the key issues considered as UFCW evaluated California’s elected officials’ voting records in 2023.

Demonstrating the effectiveness of UFCW members in communicating their values and priorities to lawmakers, 64 legislators scored 100% on issues important to California’s workers. See each legislator’s scores here:

Amber Parrish, executive director, UFCW Western States Council, released the following statement:

“Throughout UFCW’s many eras, I have seen the resilience of our members who have remained strong in the face of corporate greed that disrespects what they bring to our communities. A living wage is feeling farther and farther out of reach for working people, employers are automating jobs that used to feed families and calling it innovation, and legislators are more beholden to special interests to bankroll their campaigns than working to support California’s families. These challenges would be enough to stop anyone from trying to thrive in our state, but UFCW members remained united and strong, and emerged victorious at the end of the year.

“We remain committed to standing up to employers who put corporate profits over the public and workers because there’s more work to be done. More than one in five Californians, about 8.8 million people, currently struggle with food insecurity. Violence against retail workers is at an all-time high, and over 33% of Californians cannot handle an unexpected job loss. Together we can ensure California ends hunger, workers remain safe on the job and workers and communities are not left reeling through unexpected store closures.

“2024 is a pivotal year for California and the nation, and UFCW will be out in front, leading the way for justice and our future.” 

See how each legislator scored here:

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