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UFCW Priority Bill Signed Into Law: SB 17 CA Drug Price Transparency Bill

UFCW Priority Bill SIgned Into Law: SB 17 CA Drug Price Transparency Bill (Sen. Hernandez/Asm. Wood)

Governor Brown signed SB 17 – Drug Price Transparency Bill into Law, the Bill will require drugmakers to provide notice to health plans and other purchasers (Union Trusts) 60 days in advance of a planned price hike if the increase exceeds certain thresholds.
This disclosure will shine a light on how prescription drugs contribute to the overall healthcare costs.
The new law will give the state and stakeholders leverage to pressure pharmaceutical drug companies from raising their prices without any oversight and public condemnation. Essentially drugmakers will be more circumspect about raising prices and when.

The effort to pass SB 17 was led by an unprecedented coalition of Labor (led by the CA Labor Federation), Health Plans (led by Kaiser and Blue Shield), and consumer groups (led by Health Access).
UFCW States Council played a vital role when SB 17 was detained in the Assembly Appropriations Committee and it needed YES Votes from state legislators to move the Bill unto the floor where it earned bi-partisan support before reaching the Governor’s desk.