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UFCW Western States Council Statement on Prop 22 Lawsuit

Sacramento, CA – UFCW Western States Council released the following statement from Andrea Zinder, president, UFCW Western States Council and UFCW Local 324, in response to the lawsuit filed against Proposition 22 today: 

“The future of work and good-paying jobs are at risk and this lawsuit affirms California’s workers’ bedrock right to join together in a union to provide security for their families to thrive. Since the app companies paid upward of $200 million to buy their own law, they’ve gotten just what they paid for: big corporations have slashed worker pay, furloughed essential workers, and replaced employees with third-party ‘independent’ contractors so the corporations can avoid paying lawful benefits. We urge swift action on the workers’ lawsuit because essential workers can’t wait while app companies exploit them. UFCW workers stand in solidarity with those filing this suit because when workers stand together we can create a stronger  future of work in California.”

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January 12, 2021

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