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Women’s March: A Beacon of Solidarity and Hope

On January 21st, millions of women, men and children participated in the Women’s March in DC, across the country and globe.  Marchers participated for their own reasons.  People carried signs that talked about the environment, immigration, compassion, love, resilience and many other issues.  One sign said, ‘March today, tomorrow run for office’ another ‘Little girls with dreams become women with vision’. The march was called not as an act of resistance, but as a call to remind those in power that millions of women and the people they care for matter. The issues women care about matter and that people in power should realize this point.

Photo credit: UFCW 770

UFCW members marched alongside sisters and brothers from all walks of life.  We marched for many of the same reasons: A commitment to women’s rights, human rights, workers’ rights, equality, diversity, and inclusion.  The message was loud and clear: You are not alone. We all make up the fabric that is America.  We should applause our differences not condemn them.  Now is the time to stand together for the right of working people to earn a living wage, immigrant families to live without fear of exploitation, access to healthcare, and raise families in safe communities.
How do we focus and harness that energy?

The participation of the Women’s March surpassed all expectation. The march united people for the common cause of progress for human rights.  The march shone a light on the impression you can make by acting together. This is what a movement looks like.

On January 21st, we came together by millions, across the globe, to raise our voices. Our march forward doesn’t end here, this is only the beginning. We are committed to continue to stand up for rights and equality.  We are committed to protect our children, our environment and the future of our country. We are committed to fighting to protect and improve the lives of all families.

This was a pivotal moment for our country and many of you participated.  Only together can we build a more inclusive and tolerant community built on justice and equality.  Let’s make history.
Let’s build together for the progress of our family, our state, our country.
Are you ready? No better time than the present to invest in our future.