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Workers Applaud Judge Ruling That Uber, Lyft Illegal Driver Misclassification Practices Must End

Sacramento, CA – A San Francisco Superior Court judge has delivered the biggest legal blow yet to Uber and Lyft’s exploitative and illegal misclassification of their drivers, ordering the companies to begin treating workers as employees and complying with California’s minimum wage, health care, unemployment and workplace safety laws.

“UFCW’s 180,000 workers applaud the judge’s decision that multi-billion-dollar companies like Uber and Lyft are not above the law when it comes to the most essential protections for California workers. The judge’s ruling is a clear signal that app companies have little chance of prevailing in court which is why they’ve pledged $100 million to buy a special exemption to the very laws a judge has just ordered them to follow,” said Andrea Zinder, president, UFCW Western States Council and UFCW Local 324. “Voting NO on Prop 22 will prevent Uber and Lyft from using this pandemic to keep forcing workers to bear all the risks while app companies gain more and more rewards.”

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August 10, 2020

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